How To Play Kings Cup

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King’s Cup, also simply known as Kings, is a popular drinking game for any small party or gathering.  While the rules may seem daunting at first, it is an easy game to learn and one you can modify into your own.


What you need:

  • One deck of cards
  • One bowl or center “king’s” cup
  • Lots of your favorite alcohol



Each Player must start out with a drink in front of them.  In the center of the table, shuffle the cards and place them around a central cup.


The Rules:

King’s Cup has a very specific set of rules which all of the players need to be familiar with. Basically, every card is associated with a corresponding action which one or all of the players need to complete. If a player fails to complete the action correctly, or if they take too long, they may be forced to take a penalty drink. The duration of a penalty drink is usually about 5 seconds, though players are free to set their own time. There are many different variations on the rules of King’s Cup, but the most common ones are outlined below.

  • Ace is for waterfall. If a player draws an Ace, everyone at the table must chug their drink, starting with the player who drew the card. Each player may only start drinking when the person to their right has started drinking and may only stop when the person to their right has stopped drinking. So if you’re sitting to the left of the player who drew the card, you cannot stop drinking until everyone at the table has stopped.
  • 2 is for you. If a player draws a 2 (of any color or suit) they may choose another player, who then has to drink. The chosen person must drink for the duration of time agreed on at the start of the game, usually around five seconds.
  • 3 is for me. If a player draws a 3, they must take a drink themselves.
  • 4 is for floor. If a player draws a 4, everybody at the table has to reach down and touch the floor, as quickly as possible. Last one to touch the floor drinks.
  • 5 is for guys. If a player draws a 5, all the guys at the table must drink.
  • 6 is for chicks. If a player draws a 6, all the girls at the table must drink.
  • 7 is for heaven. If a player draws a 7, everyone at the table has to put both hands in the air, as quickly as possible. Last one to do so must drink.
  • 8 is for mate. If a player draws an 8, they have to pick another person at the table who must drink every time they do, and vice versa. This continues until someone else draws an 8. If either of the players forgets to drink when their “mate” is drinking, they must take an additional penalty drink.
  • 9 is for rhyme. If a player draws a 9, they must pick a word and say it loud. Moving around the table in a clockwise direction, each player must say a word that rhymes with the original word, e.g. cat, hat, bat and so on, and they must do so in under 5 seconds. This keeps going round the table until a player can no longer think of a rhyming word. Then that player must take a penalty drink.
  • 10 is for categories. If a player draws a 10, they choose a category and each player takes turns saying words related to that category. If it’s car brands, then Ford, Jeep, Honda, Toyota… etc. Countries, then Canada, USA, Mexico, France… etc… The last person who cannot think of a word has to drink.
  • Jack is make a rule. If a player draws a Jack, they have the ability to make a rule that must be followed for the entire duration of the game. For example, they could rule that nobody is allowed to swear, that it’s forbidden to use the bathroom or that nobody can call anyone by their first name. Any player who breaks the rule must take a penalty drink. The only way to get rid of a rule is if another player draws a Jack and uses it to declare that the old rule is no longer in effect.
  • Queen is for questionnaire. If a player draws a Queen, they become the questionnaire. This means that any time the questionnaire asks a question and they get an answer, the player who answered the question must drink. The questionnaire can use this power to try and catch people out by asking seemingly innocent questions like “what time is it?” This continues until another player draws a Queen, at which point they become the questionnaire.
  • King is for King’s Cup. When a player draws a King, they must pour whatever they are drinking into the cup in the center of the table. When the fourth King is drawn, that player must drink the concoction in the cup, signaling the end of the game.


Game Play:

Choose a player to go first.  They should pick a card from the deck and display it so that everyone can see. Depending on what card is flipped, the player or players must do the corresponding action.  Once the action is completed, the card remains face up, and the next player draws a card.  The game ends once all four kinds are drawn.



There are many variations to the rules and many people have their own house rules.  It is always best to have a written set before a game is started so that everyone knows what actions are to be done.  Check out the wiki article for many card variations:


 King’s on Youtube:

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